Learning to Howl

“He who lives with wolves will learn to howl.” –Italian proverb. This Philippians sermon this Sunday is going to be about spiritual influence. Who is teaching you to howl? Who are you teaching to howl? Who are the wolves in your life? Pray about it.

– Pastor Marlin Betts

Spiritual Maturity

This Sunday we will examine what Paul had to say about spiritual maturity. Can a Christian be considered “perfect.” Paul seemed to think so, but what did he really mean? Come this Sunday and find out.

– Pastor Marlin Betts

Faith Promise Sunday

This Sunday we will have a missionary speaker in our morning service. Carol is from our Nazarene seminary in Costa Rica and is fluent in French, Spanish, and (hopefully) English. I really think you will be challenged by her ministry.

– Pastor Marlin Betts

Finding the Goal

Too often we meet people who seem to have no direction in their life. Is the journey of life only aimless wandering, or can we find a goal worth our efforts? From his own experience, Paul wrote that each of us can have a sense of direction. And we will share Paul’s practical advice this Sunday. You don’t want to miss this truth.

– Pastor Marlin Betts

Information Update

Have you moved recently? Do you have a new cell phone number or email address? Do you want to view an online congregation directory and contact information? Do you want to check your tithe and giving history? You can do it, and it’s easy!

To do so, please visit https://www.churchtrac.com/member_access.php?ui=EB253807. This link is always available under the “Member Access” link in our web page menu list.

You will need to sign in before you can view or update your information. Please be aware that there are three scenarios here:

  1. You have already registered and know your passcode

    If you have registered already, enter your email address and your passcode.

  2. You are registered but do not know your passcode

    If you do not know your passcode, there is an option to request it. It will be sent to the email address we have on file.

  3. You are registered but under a different email, or your information is not in our system

    If your email address is not found in the system, you will be asked to fill out a form with your information. Your information will be sent to us, and we will either match it with the correct entry in our database or add your name to the database. You will receive a passcode immediately, but it will not allow access until we have processed your request. Please allow 48 hours to process.

This is a fantastic tool that allows us to stay in touch with you. We encourage you to take a few minutes to update your information.

God bless!

Loss and Gain

Much of life is about weighing options before making a decision. We look at positives and disadvantages all the time. Paul addressed the gains and losses he experienced when he became a Christian. Let’s learn from Paul again this Sunday and then make our own decision about following Christ.

– Pastor Marlin Betts