CPC Walk for Life is Oct 6

The Crisis Pregnancy Center will have a Walk for Life on October 6th, 2018. In Brazil, the Walk will begin and end at the Mobile Unit located at The Brazil Church of the Nazarene. In Terre Haute, the Walk will begin and end at the CPC on 6th and Wabash.

This year’s goal is $30,000. Our big push this year is to have 5 sponsored walkers from each participating church. Five sponsored Walkers from each church would allow us to easily meet this much needed goal.

Thank you! If you have any questions please feel free to contact the CPC at 812-235-1153.

Is love blind?

“Love is blind” sounds good until the faults you want to ignore begin to destroy your love. God has a better way to love. Love plus knowledge and discernment equals a powerful relationship that really works. Come this Sunday and see how this combination can change your life and church and community for the better.

– Pastor Marlin Betts

A Living Sacrifice

I am so glad that I have never performed or observed an animal sacrifice. There is just something wrong about that whole idea today. Yet it was an everyday part of the world’s culture for many years. This Sunday I’m going to share what Paul meant when he wrote about being “a living sacrifice.” Let’s prepare our hearts to worship in God’s presence.

– Pastor Marlin Betts


The concept of fellowship in the church is not new. Paul wrote about it to the Philippian church hundreds of years ago. But what did Paul mean by fellowship? What did he and the Philippians share in common? And what does Paul’s letter teach us about partnership today? Come this Sunday and find out.

– Pastor Marlin Betts

"Oh when the saints go marching in..."

You’ve probably heard the catchy tune: “O when the saints go marching in.” My question is who are the saints? Certainly there is more to being a saint than the name of a football team. We will be looking at the meaning of this word “saints” in our sermon this Sunday. I hope you can join us.

– Pastor Marlin Betts

A Slave of Christ

Slavery is such a terrible word. So when I read where Paul claimed to be a slave of Christ it got my attention. This Sunday I want to share what I think Paul meant when he used this terrible word in a positive way. I hope to see you in church.

– Pastor Marlin Betts

Restored purpose

Have you ever felt hopeless, like life has overwhelmed you? Often Jesus stepped into the lives of people who were helpless and desperate. I am looking forward to sharing with you this Sunday one of those instances when Jesus restored purpose to a woman at the end of her rope. Let’s worship Jesus! – Pastor

Three excuses...

The call to discipleship is serious. Jesus often had committed followers, but there were others that would not totally commit. This Sunday we will look at three excuses that kept some people from the deeper life of a real relationship with God. Personally, I don’t want to make excuses. I want to experience all that God has for me. Let’s worship Him this Sunday! – Pastor