The Problem with Sin (Genesis 3:1-24)

Three problems with sin:

  1. Sin makes you spiritually ______________.

    *Sin ______________ you from all that is spiritual.

    *_______________ is an expert salesman.

    *Sin leads to ____________ and destruction.

       2.  God’s discovery of your sin is ________________.

            *God is ______________ aware of your sin.

            * Numbers 32:23 – Be sure your sin will _________

               you out.

            *Sin _________________ you from God.

       3.  Your sin is _____________________.

            *Whenever you willfully break God’s rules, you are                always guilty without ______________ because                          you made the ________________.

            *God’s punishment for inexcusable sin is                                 _________________.

Good News!!!  There is a way out from the problem of sin. The answer is _______________.