One Thing (Mark 10:17-22) (Pastor Betts)

One Thing, Mark 10:17-22
In our Scripture, we meet a rich, young man who is searching for “eternal life.” Jesus promises him that it is his, if he will do only “one thing.”
1. Jesus shares the idea of a sincere________________.
*There were a lot of good__________ to   commend him for.
*Jesus sensed his sincerity and “_________ him.”
2. Jesus shares the idea of serious___________.
*The “one thing” lacking meant _______   was lacking.
*The “one thing” God required for him to give God first _________ in his life.
*All who reject God’s call live to   ____________ that decision.
     3.Jesus shares the idea of a simple __________.
*What “one thing” is keeping you from the goal of eternal life? ___________________
*Jesus said the “one thing” we lack is to “come, take up the _________ and follow me.”
 *We are required to:
     Give God first ____________.
     Give _________ to God.
     _____________ Christ.
The challenge today is to simply give all of yourself to Jesus.