The Real Meaning of the Cross

Last week I saw a football player talking to reporters and he had an cross-shaped earring in his ear. I wondered, did he actually have a relationship with Jesus or was the cross just another piece of jewelry? This week we will look at what Paul wrote about Jesus and the cross. In my preparation I was once again struck by the real meaning of the cross. I really hope you see Jesus this Sunday.

– Pastor Marlin Betts

A Call to Unity and Humility

Every church has some problems. Paul gave instructions in his letters to address and fix church issues. What were the problems in the Philippians church? Come Sunday and find out.

Remember to turn your clocks back one hour Saturday night.

- Pastor Marlin Betts

Christians Facing Opposition

Many Muslim countries persecute Christians severely, but I was surprised to discover the top country for the persecutions of Christians for the last 16 years is North Korea. Since Jesus died on the cross, millions of Christians have been killed for their faith. Paul faced opposition all of his career as a Christian missionary. This Sunday, we are going to look at what he wrote about suffering.

– Pastor Marlin Betts

Christian Citizenship

The news is reporting that a caravan of 4,000 migrants is heading for America. Immigration and citizenship are hot topics in our country. Ironically I have been studying this week about Christian citizenship from Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Regardless of where they live, Christians belong  to the Kingdom of God. Let’s look at Paul’s perspective this Sunday.

– Pastor Marlin Betts

"To be, or not to be?"

“To be, or not to be?” was the famous Shakespearean question. Theologically we know that the answer is that we will always “be.” So Paul’s written debate was a more accurate question: Is it better to live for Christ or to die and go to Christ? Paul thought it would be better to die. But… let’s look at Paul’s situation this Sunday.

– Pastor Marlin Betts

Opportunities Within Difficulties

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” No one likes suffering or adversity. But Paul had the knack of seeing the opportunities when he was in the middle of difficulties. May his example challenge us to share Jesus regardless of our circumstances. See you on Sunday!

– Pastor Marlin Betts

Seeking God's Will

I was reading E. Stanley Jones this week about a man who asked God to help him pick the best mule. God did and the mule was very productive. But the same man told God to give him a particular woman as his wife. She wasn’t God’s choice though and married someone else. The point was we need to seek God’s will for every choice we make. I’m looking forward to worshiping this Sunday with you!

– Pastor Marlin Betts

CPC Walk for Life is Oct 6

The Crisis Pregnancy Center will have a Walk for Life on October 6th, 2018. In Brazil, the Walk will begin and end at the Mobile Unit located at The Brazil Church of the Nazarene. In Terre Haute, the Walk will begin and end at the CPC on 6th and Wabash.

This year’s goal is $30,000. Our big push this year is to have 5 sponsored walkers from each participating church. Five sponsored Walkers from each church would allow us to easily meet this much needed goal.

Thank you! If you have any questions please feel free to contact the CPC at 812-235-1153.